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15 Mar 2024

Behind the Scenes: When Technology Meets Logistics

Organizing an event is challenging enough on its own. Running one in a foreign country that requires specialized equipment makes it exponentially more difficult. Seven Peaks, a Bangkok based leader in digital transformation, digital strategy, and the development of comprehensive digital products and solutions, has been working with it’s customer NodesNow, to create an innovative hybrid meeting solution which aims to innovate in the Hospitality and Corporate sectors.
13 Jun 2024

5 Reasons Why Sustainability Makes Business Sense

Discover why integrating a sustainability strategy is essential for your business success. From building competitive advantage and attracting top talent to driving efficiency and meeting regulation requirements, learn how embracing sustainability can boost profitability and future-proof your business. See how Pledge can help you manage your climate impact effectively.
05 Jun 2024

Crossing Time Zones: The Freight Forwarders Challenge of a Global Business

Freyt World shares tips on managing time zones for freight firms, bridging communication, using tech, & building 24/7 customer support.
31 May 2024

Bridging Global Logistics at #FreytMeet2024

#FREYTMEET2024 will take place on October 7-10 at the beautiful Marriott Resort & Spa, Merlin Beach in Phuket, Thailand.
23 May 2024

Digitization through Digital Marketing for Freight Forwarders

The rapid growth of technology is transforming logistics. Embracing digital tools and strategies, freight forwarders gain access to new global markets, streamlined operations, and enhanced efficiency. Digitization means more than going paperless; it signifies a strategic transformation unlocking numerous benefits and groundbreaking technologies.
14 May 2024

Sustainability regulations 101: A guide for freight forwarders

One of the key ways how consumers, governments are increasingly focused on reaching their net zero commitments is by leveraging legislation to compel businesses to take the necessary steps to calculate and reduce their carbon emissions.
10 May 2024

Celebrating a Decade of Success: VDM Cargo Solutions, Paving the Way for Future Endeavors

Over the past ten years, VDM Cargo Solutions' journey has been highlighted by a series of outstanding achievements and milestones that have not only shaped their trajectory but also established new benchmarks within the industry
03 May 2024

Freyt World Celebrates a Year of Growth and Collaboration

Freyt World Marks a Milestone Year of Collaboration and Expansion As we celebrate the end of our 1st year, the Freyt World team expresses heartfelt thanks to our valued members for their steadfast partnership and team spirit over the past twelve months. This foundational period has been defined by remarkable progress, built on the solid […]
24 Apr 2024

Supply Chain Optimization: The Key to Efficiency and a Competitive Edge

Efficiency is of the utmost importance in the logistics industry. For many companies, a critical factor in achieving this efficiency is a well-oiled supply chain. But what if your current supply chain isn't operating at its peak potential? This is where supply chain optimization comes in.
19 Apr 2024

Freyt World launches a game-changer: A New Website, a New Era in Logistics

Freyt World is thrilled to announce the launch of our brand new website at! This completely redesigned our new online home showcases our new look, features and services, all aimed at enhancing the Freyt World experience for our valued members. After months of meticulous development, we are delighted to unveil this fresh, modern and optimized […]
12 Apr 2024

How to make sustainability a revenue centre for freight forwarders

Sustainability presents much more than an expensive necessity for freight forwarders to meet shippers’ needs — it has the potential to provide forwarders with new avenues for generating revenue.