Freyt Rates

Optimizing Logistics
Through Digital Innovation

Freyt Rates introduces a transformative approach to managing shipping rates, quotes, and port-specific charges. This initiative, offered free to all members, is designed to simplify and streamline rate management, preparing our members for the digital future of freight. We aim to empower our network with a tool built for and by the members, revolutionizing how logistics businesses operate.

Freyt Rates

Elevating Every Member,
Strengthening the Network

With Freyt Rates, we are not just enhancing individual businesses but uplifting our entire community. This tool is a step towards a more connected, efficient, and competitive network. By enabling our members with cutting-edge digital tools, we reinforce our belief: a stronger member leads to a stronger network. This collective advancement through Freyt Rates is our commitment to shared success and industry leadership.

Join the Beta:

Exclusive Early Access to Freyt Rates for Members

Freyt Rates is currently accessible at no cost for all members. We are in the beta phase of our software development and anticipate a full launch for all members later in the year.