15 Mar 2024

Behind the Scenes: When Technology Meets Logistics

Organizing an event is challenging enough on its own. Running one in a foreign country that requires specialized equipment makes it exponentially more difficult.

Seven Peaks, a Bangkok based leader in  digital transformation, digital strategy, and the development of comprehensive digital products and solutions, has been working with it’s customer NodesNow, to create an innovative hybrid meeting solution which aims to innovate in the Hospitality and Corporate sectors.  

In line with their commercial roll out, Seven Peaks and NodesNow were invited to the South Asia Marriot Leadership Conferences in Bangalore and Jaipur, India. The event attracted 150 attendees from different countries including India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, and Nepal. A highlight of the conferences was the presentation of the NodesNow Board, an 86-inch digital meeting screen, to the Senior Leadership and Senior Management teams of Marriott.

Given the intricate nature of the NodesNow Board, Seven Peaks had to ensure top-notch performance not only during the events and presentations. Nodesnow is a tech company that provides both Hardware & Software as an integrated meeting ecosystem for businesses worldwide.

However, the execution of the event faced unexpected challenges. As the saying goes, "When it rains, it pours." And indeed, it did. Transporting the intricate NodesNow Boards internationally was no small feat. Although the Boards were successfully shipped from Thailand to India, they were held up in customs upon arriving in the country. The delivery carrier they engaged with, had neglected to inform NodesNow about the necessary licences required to clear the Boards through Indian customs and deliver them to the event venue. This presented a significant problem.

After exhausting all other options and engaging in countless discussions with various individuals and offices, Chris Regel, Vice President for Business Development at Seven Peaks, resorted to his last card: reaching out to his contact and friend, Murray Backhouse, the CEO of Freyt World. Chris knew that Murray's position in the freight network would provide the necessary connections and expertise to resolve their delivery dilemma. And Murray came through.

Chris gave Murray a call and shared a condensed, albeit colorful version of their arduous journey. Murray then enlisted the assistance of George Lane, the Business Development Manager of Freyt World, to mobilize their network members in India, to help untangle the mess.

Freyt World, being a growing network, had numerous members ready to respond to critical situations such as this. Fardeen Malbarwala, Director at Galaxy Freight Pvt Ltd., answered the call and connected with Chris to coordinate a plan for retrieving the NodesNow Boards from the port customs in Bangalore and transporting them to the event venue in Jaipur. 

The Seven Peaks team; initial plan was to have the units delivered door-to-door from Thailand to Jaipur, but due to a customs mishap in Bangalore, the team resorted to having to ship the 300-kilo Boards by airfreight to the event destination. 

With the cargo on the move, and continuous coordination between Chris and the Galaxy Freight team happening, the boards arrived safely to Jaipur via air freight then by delivered truck, ready for installation. This feat of unbelievable coordination, made it possible for the units to arrive on time, ready for their conference in Jaipur.

This challenging logistics success highlights Freyt World's strength in bridging gaps and making connections across industries. This partnership highlights the power of forging connections across industries. The quick activation of the network to solve an unforeseen problem shows the network’s ability to deliver, forging partnerships that transcend distances.

Who would have imagined that a single phone call from a tech company to a freight network could ignite such a connection and activate the network's capabilities to deliver a successful event? This collaboration between industries lays a strong foundation for forging connections and partnerships that transcend distances, ultimately creating a streamlined and efficient logistics network that paves the way for future innovative projects.