The Supervisory Board serves as the heart and conscience of Freyt World, guiding our network's strategies and direction. Comprised of talented, diverse individuals elected by our members themselves, the Board ensures our community retains its uniquely member-centric focus.

Democratic Representation

This democratically elected group represents the evolving aspirations and needs of our members. By setting the Supervisory Board within the community, Freyt World fosters a culture of innovation, collaboration, and excellence. The Board acts as guardians of our network, helping us build a logistics community that can thrive in and trust.

The Supervisory Board fosters representation across regions, industries, backgrounds, and experiences. Elected from within the community, the Board brings an intimate understanding of members' evolving aspirations and needs. This grassroots foundation empowers members to guide the network's direction through their chosen representatives.

Diverse perspectives drive innovation. By electing members with fresh ideas and insights, Freyt World gains better foresight into what is needed to equip members for the future. A democratic Board aligns strategy with the community, acting as Guardians that put members at the heart of every decision. This member-centric approach gives members a true sense of ownership in Freyt World.

The 2024 Supervisory Board is composed of 4 dedicated members elected by the Freyt World community to represent the member’s voices. Crish Cole of Star Concord, Patrick O’Brien of Colless Young Pty Ltd, Linda Sun of Shanghai We-Can International Logistics and Nicholas King of Edge Worldwide Logistics Ltd (EWL)

Aligning with Member Needs 

The Freyt World Supervisory Board plays a critical role in ensuring our decision-making and strategic direction are always aligned with the evolving needs and aspirations of our members.

Unlike traditional corporate boards which often focus on shareholder interests, our Supervisory Board has a core mission to represent the different voices within our community. They provide a direct channel for member perspectives to shape the strategic direction of Freyt World.

This member-centric approach fosters a culture of listening and communication within our network. This two-way dialogue allows the network to stay closely attuned to the changing priorities and pain points of members globally.

In turn, they bring these crucial insights on member needs directly into strategic discussions within Freyt World. This ensures our plans and investments consistently match the real-world needs of members. Whether it's calling for new partnership opportunities, or advocating on policy issues, the Supervisory Board gives members a powerful voice.

By keeping members at the heart of decision-making, our Supervisory Board model ultimately helps us build a more vibrant, engaged and forward-thinking community. One that evolves dynamically to help every member seize emerging opportunities.

Championing Collaboration in Logistics

The Freyt World Supervisory Board champions greater collaboration within the logistics community. They recognize that when logistics professionals come together and share ideas, the entire industry benefits. Members are encouraged to connect with peers from around the world to gain new insights and perspectives.

Freyt World's emphasis on collaboration makes it a unique force for positive change in logistics. The Supervisory Board demonstrates that a rising tide of cooperation and collective learning lifts all boats.

When members contribute ideas, lessons, and experiments freely within a trusted community, the pace of progress accelerates. The board guides this collaborative ethos, helping to shape a more transparent, connected, responsive global logistics ecosystem.

Pursuing Excellence in Logistics

The Supervisory Board champions excellence across all aspects of Freyt World's operations and community. When it comes to innovation, collaboration, and growth, the Board embodies a spirit of excellence that drives our network forward.Their laser focus on excellence compels us to continuously improve and evolve.

Under their guidance, our community can rest assured we are striving for the highest standards across the board. The Board's commitment to excellence motivates us to aim higher every day. We know that with their oversight, Freyt World will not only meet today's logistics challenges - but stay ahead of tomorrow's.

Thriving Community

Freyt World's vibrant culture empowers members and our network to thrive. The Supervisory Board champions creating an environment where all members feel welcome, supported, inspired, and connected.

With the Board's guidance, we build an ecosystem that lets every member thrive. Their leadership continues to attract progressive, passionate logisticians worldwide. Together, we transform the industry through a culture based on trust, diversity and human potential. The Board ensures initiatives empower members to keep excelling and evolving. Our community grows ever more vibrantly as we support each other in achieving our aspirations.

The Supervisory Board enables the entire Freyt World network to thrive as one. Their commitment to members makes us far more than a transactional platform - we are a living, breathing community. One where everyone gains energy, purpose and opportunity from being part of something greater than themselves.