Freyt World is thrilled to announce the launch of our brand new website at!

This completely redesigned our new online home showcases our new look, features and services, all aimed at enhancing the Freyt World experience for our valued members.

After months of meticulous development, we are delighted to unveil this fresh, modern and optimized web presence. Our goal was to create an intuitive, aesthetically pleasing and content-rich website that reflects Freyt World's commitment to innovation and service excellence within the logistics industry.

This launch represents an important milestone for Freyt World as we continue to evolve our brand. The new allows us to showcase the full range of our capabilities while making it easier for members to access the information and services they need.

Our CEO, Murray Backhouse, emphasizes,

"Our goal was simple but ambitious: to create a platform that not only showcases our professionalism but also enhances our ability to connect with and serve the leading companies across the globe. With this launch, we're not just stepping into a new chapter of our brand's story; we're redefining it.

This is not just a website launch; it's a milestone in our journey towards excellence and innovation. We've reimagined and revitalized our digital presence to reflect who we are at our core - a brand committed to propelling businesses forward with unmatched professionalism and expertise."

The new website reflects our commitment to propel businesses forward with unparalleled expertise and a focus on the future.

With a fresh look, new features, and enhanced services, we aim to provide an improved user experience that aligns with our commitment to professionalism and expertise.

This launch represents an important milestone for Freyt World as we continue to evolve our brand. The new allows us to showcase the full range of our capabilities while making it easier for members to access the information and services they need.

We can't wait for you to explore the new site and discover all it has to offer! Read on for highlights of what you can expect from the new

New Look and Feel has an entirely new look and feel with a fresher, more modern design. The website has been completely redesigned with a clean, visually appealing layout that creates a more engaging and user-friendly experience.

The new design aligns seamlessly with Freyt World's mission to provide excellence and propel businesses forward. The look and feel is fresh and contemporary while still retaining the expertise and professionalism that Freyt World is known for.

The new Freyt World website offers a variety of enhanced features to provide members with an improved user experience. Some of the key highlights include:

Freyt Media - This new service offers digital marketing solutions tailored for the logistics industry, that aims to help our members strengthen their online presence with services like website optimization, social media management, content creation, graphic design, and more.

Freyt TV - A media hub showcasing videos from Freyt World, allowing members to stay up-to-date with the latest news and network content.

Freyt Emissions Calculator - Members can now utilize a freight emissions calculator to measure and understand the environmental impact of their operations. This empowers businesses to adopt eco-friendly practices.

Enhanced Member Benefits - The website outlines an expanded set of membership perks like network access, dedicated support, financial protection, and more.

Freyt Media is more than just a service; it’s a digital marketing approach that will change the landscape of logistics forever. The future is digital, and Freyt World is at the forefront of this change with Freyt Media. This initiative goes beyond marketing; it aims to empower members for long-term success and growth.

Freyt Media equips members with the tools to thrive in today's online environment. From website optimization and social media management to content creation, graphic design, and SEO optimization, Freyt Media ensures a robust digital presence that surpasses expectations. This is the age of digital media where everything is accessible at the click of a mouse.

As May Llave, our Marketing Manager, explains,

"The logistics industry is embracing digital marketing strategies to gain a competitive edge. Freyt Media empowers members to navigate this shift and achieve long-term success."

The Logistics sector is rapidly making digital marketing an essential part of their overall business strategy, and this is where Freyt World's marketing solutions come into play.

The logistics industry's shift towards digital marketing is driven by the need to adapt to changing customer behaviors, stay ahead of the competition, and capitalize on new opportunities presented by digital technologies.

The world is going digital, and so shall we.

Freyt TV is the hub for all of Freyt World's media content. It is a dedicated platform that will be showcasing a comprehensive library of Freyt World videos.

The launch of Freyt TV underscores Freyt World's commitment to leveraging multimedia content to connect with members. The video platform allows Freyt World to share company news, expert perspectives, and member stories in a dynamic, visual format.

On Freyt TV, members can find an extensive library of videos showcasing Freyt World services, company updates, event coverage, thought leadership interviews, and more.

Transparency and sustainability are paramount in today's logistics landscape. That's why we're proud to introduce our innovative Freyt Emissions Calculator, powered by Pledge.

With our Emissions Calculator, you can easily measure and understand the environmental impact of your freight operations. This empowers you to adopt eco-friendly practices and meet rising customer demands for sustainability and transparency.

By calculating your carbon footprint from freight transport, you can benchmark your performance over time and identify opportunities to implement green initiatives. Whether it's switching modes of transport, optimizing loads, or investing in cleaner technologies, the Pledge-powered Emissions Calculator provides the metrics to support your strategy.

This groundbreaking tool empowers you to:

Measure and Understand:

Gain insights into the environmental impact of your freight operations.

Embrace Eco-Innovation:

Showcase your commitment to sustainability and contribute to a greener logistics future.

Strengthen Market Position:

Demonstrate your dedication to environmental responsibility and build a strong brand reputation.

The Freyt Emissions Calculator simplifies the process of measuring your carbon footprint, allowing you to make informed decisions and bolster your market standing. Utilize the Emissions Calculator to set and track progress against sustainability targets. Communicate your green credentials to customers and stakeholders.

A World of Benefits for Freyt World Members

The new website isn't just about new features; it's about empowering our members to thrive and amplify their success through the Freyt World network. The new website makes it easier than ever to tap into these valuable resources. Here's a glimpse of the exclusive member benefits you can expect:

  • Supervisory Board - Access guidance and expertise from our Supervisory Board comprised of industry veterans.
  • Diverse Vendor Network - Connect with our global network of trusted vendors and partners.
  • Global Network Access - Tap into our exclusive global network of leading companies.
  • Thriving Community - Engage with an active community of like-minded professionals.
  • Collaboration and Innovation - Drive progress through collaboration and innovation.
  • Regional Key Account Managers - Get support from knowledgeable account managers in your region.
  • Dedicated Professional Support - Receive tailored support and guidance from our dedicated team of regional key account managers and professional support staff.
  • Business Expansion Opportunities - Explore new markets and expand your reach with new opportunities to grow your business.
  • Limited Membership Per Market - Benefit from limited membership slots in your market.
  • Financial Protection - Safeguard your business and enjoy peace of mind with financial protection safeguards.
  • Annual Conference Access - Attend and network at our exclusive Annual #FreytMeet Conferences.

Join Us on this Exciting Journey!

The launch of our new website marks a new chapter for Freyt World. We invite you to explore the world of possibilities that await. Visit today and discover how Freyt World can empower your business to navigate the digital future of logistics.