Last year's first Freyt World annual conference, #FreytMeet2023, in Bali was a success, bringing together logistics experts from around the world and fostering connections within the industry.

This year, the Freyt World team is aiming even higher for our 2nd Annual #FreytMeet2024 conference. We are planning an exciting event focused on building camaraderie and fostering ongoing interactions between professionals in the logistics field. This unique opportunity will allow attending members to expand their networks and explore potential business collaborations.

#FreytMeet2024 is set to be even better than last year. Building a successful network is about developing lasting relationships and trust that go beyond individual deals—it's about cultivating meaningful connections that bridge distances and enable global partnerships, ultimately creating a seamless logistics ecosystem.

The Freyt World team has several surprises in store to make this year's conference memorable for attendees. #FreytMeet2024 will take place from October 7-10 at the beautiful Marriott Resort & Spa in Phuket, Thailand. Highlights such as the Cocktail Evening, Gala Dinner, and one-on-one meetings remain central components.

The Welcome Cocktail Evening allows guests to unwind and mingle at the start, sharing stories and laying the groundwork for cross-collaboration that can help achieve company goals.

Following the first day of meetings, a Gala Dinner provides a relaxed atmosphere for guests to network, unwind, and form meaningful connections. It's the perfect close to a productive day! Initiating conversations at these dinners can pave the way for invaluable business relationships that might otherwise be difficult to establish.

The one-on-one meetings are perhaps the most important part of #FreytMeet. These meetings allow attendees to connect directly to discuss specific topics, set goals, and explore potential collaborations more efficiently than other formats allow.

To strengthen community bonds, several new activities have been added this year. A Freyt World Golf Day at the breathtaking Red Mountain Golf Course in Phuket will take place on the morning of October 7th. Volleyball and football games in the late afternoons provide opportunities to stay active and unwind after the day's meetings.

FreytMeet is a powerful platform for negotiation, growth opportunities, enhancing logistics value propositions, and building trust among industry peers. With a focus on networking, attendees are guaranteed to connect with fellow professionals they may not have met otherwise.

We look forward to seeing you in Phuket!