24 May 2023

Freyt World Partners with Gensoft

Freyt World and Gensoft have joined forces in an exciting partnership that brings unprecedented opportunities for our network members. By integrating Gensoft's Logistics ERP system, we empower our members with a comprehensive software suite that covers all aspects of logistics service provision in one unified platform.

Developed over 15 years, Gensoft Logistics ERP is the most comprehensive system available for freight forwarding, NVOCC, and shipping line service providers. Its modular and scalable architecture allows our members to customize the solution according to their specific needs, with room for future growth. With integrated modules for freight forwarding, documentation, consolidation, track and trace, container management, CRM, billing, financial accounts, customs clearing, and more, our members gain complete control over their operations.

Gensoft's unified database serves as a central hub, enabling seamless information sharing and communication between departments. This streamlined approach eliminates data silos, enhances efficiency, and reduces manual efforts. Our members can effortlessly track shipments, manage container inventory, streamline customs documentation, monitor vehicle schedules, and generate insightful reports. This level of control fosters real-time decision-making and drives profitable business growth.

Gensoft Logistics ERP offers specialized features tailored to different modes of transportation. Sea freight functionalities include port manifest/EDI, delivery orders, arrival notices, BL/HBL management, container tracking, and transshipment management. Similarly, the software provides comprehensive tools for air freight, transshipment, NVOCC, and main line operations. By leveraging these specialized functionalities, our members can optimize their operations, reduce errors, and provide exceptional service to their customers.

Streamlining customs clearing processes is a crucial aspect of logistics service provision. Gensoft Logistics ERP simplifies customs documentation, status updates, and domestic operations management. Our members can efficiently handle customs-related tasks, manage domestic documentation, online bookings, inter-island movements, and job costing. Automation of these processes enables our members to focus on core operations and deliver efficient services to their clients.

Gensoft Logistics ERP includes robust financial management features. Sales and customer management, supplier and purchase management, banking, general ledger, IOU handling, final accounts, and more are seamlessly integrated. The reporting capabilities offer insights into profitability, debtor and creditor age analysis, equipment control, order status, and performance indicators. These features empower our members to make data-driven decisions, optimize financial performance, and drive continuous improvement.

The partnership between Freyt World and Gensoft revolutionizes freight forwarding for our network members. With Gensoft's Logistics ERP suite, our members gain unparalleled efficiency, enhanced collaboration, and comprehensive visibility into their operations. The modular architecture, seamless integration, and robust reporting capabilities equip our members with the tools needed to excel in a competitive market. By embracing this partnership, our members pave the way for profitable business growth and establish themselves as industry leaders.