Over the past ten years, VDM Cargo Solutions' journey has been highlighted by a series of outstanding achievements and milestones that have not only shaped their trajectory but also established new benchmarks within the industry.

Among these accomplishments, the recent importation of an additional grape harvester machine from Le Havre, France, to Cape Town, South Africa, exemplifies their commitment to efficiency, unwavering dedication, and the cultivation of strong international partnerships. This project, despite its complexities, demonstrated their capability to utilize their knowledge and expertise effectively, laying a solid foundation for forthcoming ventures.

The process of importing the grape harvester machine entailed detailed planning and execution, from guaranteeing the safe loading of the machinery at its origin to maneuvering through the intricate customs regulations of two distinct countries.

The VDM team's exceptional expertise, coupled with robust relationships forged over the years, facilitated a seamless operation. They successfully transported two collapsible flat rack containers, weighing nearly 26 tons in total, across thousands of miles, ensuring their arrival in South Africa in impeccable condition, ready to bolster the thriving agriculture sector.

Looking ahead, they draw inspiration from their past achievements and remain dedicated to their continuous pursuit of excellence. They position themselves not merely as another freight forwarder but as a partner in growth and success, addressing all logistic needs to and from South Africa. Through collective effort, they aspire to reach new heights of greatness.

VDM Cargo Solutions' achievements speak volumes. Their successful projects and milestones solidify their place as a core member of the Freyt World. Through their contributions, VDM has demonstrably fueled our growth and expansion. We're proud to have them as a vital member of the Freyt World network.